Duke Surus (AKA JUMBO)

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The Duke has history.....but now a retired aristocrat he lives for the thrill of the chase, capturing unsuspecting hearts and setting hearts aflutter with his 
devilish handsome looks and long trunk:)...BUT not the ones not the ones you might think.  

He spends much of his time with Bewitching Bella - one would think they were a couple, but this most coveted girl in London seems not to interest him at all. Fancy that.

Being a  shrewd business man he tends to have many run ins with 'The Wolf', but society tongues are now wagging - are these feud deliberately caused by Jumbo to be close to Leonardo......only time will tell......and how will Leonardo feel when he finds out Jumbo's true intentions.......

Pair with Wolf Man - Turf Wars - an explosive pair!

All designs are printed with weatherproof UV protected inks and applied to our premium quality 5mm acrylic.⁣ 

With our striking 3D effect frame this piece of garden art is sure to enhance any area around your garden or home.⁣


  • SMALL -  500MMX630MM
  • MEDIUM - 600MMX730MM
  • LARGE - 700MMX1000MM
  • XL  - 1200MM X 1000MM

    Artwork includes 4 architectural bolts to match the frame of your choice.

    Free UK Delivery ONLY!

    NB sizes may vary slightly according to the artworks and its proportions. The longest edge will be the size to work from.
    Bespoke Sizes are available upon request - the options are endless with our vast range of affordable designs and sizes to choose from. Please contact us on Support@YardArtUK.co.uk

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    ~ Highly Durable

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