The Don ‘Carlos’ (Lord of the YARDART Manor)

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Meet our resident handsome boy Carlos. Named after a pilgrim on the Santigo de Compostela (The Camino).  A trip our Director did with her father many years ago - they met Carlos an old Pilgrim that lived on the camino...he helped when Charlotte's father had an accident and helped them back on the road again....  

Charlotte Vowed if she ever had a son she would call him Carlos - that wasn't to be (also her husband not keen on the idea:)), but she did get a handsome Golden Retriever - and given she sees him as her son - she called him Carlos.....

Carlos reminds her of the old man who was kind, selfless, content (with just a backpack of his whole life on his shoulders), happy and full of the most magical stories.

This piece was painted by our wonderful artist Ellie Payne...and great job she did too of showing the personality within.



  • SMALL -  500MMX630MM
  • MEDIUM - 600MMX730MM
  • LARGE - 700MMX1000MM

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