•SALE• EX DISPLAY PAIR Gem & Titania by artist Charlotte Clemence

•SALE• EX DISPLAY PAIR Gem & Titania by artist Charlotte Clemence

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Beautiful pieces of outdoor art to pair together - 

Both Large 875x875mm

about titania

Queen Titania is a portrayal of a strong woman, howbeit fairy, in A Midsummer Night's Dream. She is attended to by many other fairies and seems to be completely in charge of her life.

Titania oozes natural beauty, strength, compassion & a down to earth presence bringing an air of magic to your garden or outdoor area.

This is Charlotte Clemence best selling piece, which is ironic given it started out as a fun trial using her dried flower arrangement. A photo was taken because she loved it so much and the original now doesn’t exist.Because of its nature, it got seen and voila ‘titania’ was born!

Printed with weatherproof UV protected inks and applied to our premium quality 5mm Perspex.

An elegant and majestical piece of Outdoor Wall Art.

About Gem

GEM is made from precious stones from all over the world ,old and new. She is a real beauty inside and out - an invaluable lady who we value for each of her qualities, the flaws and all. A precious individual we need need to cherish, love and nurture! Every part of her means something and hold its own story - good and bad, but we love her all the same. Cherish her like you would you most favourite possession.

This is Charlotte Clemence's latest piece.


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