The Gullible Lord Percy Percy heir to the Duchy of Northumberland

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We love the new addition to the Heritage Family Tree - the character with the longest name of the lot.

Our wonderful bumbling aristocrat....the beautiful looking stag who is known for his allergy to potatoes, but still eats chips:)

He is shown to have a terrible record with women; whilst the occasional girlfriend is mentioned, he is more often seen using rather unconvincing chat-up lines on various females.  He is a sucker for love and will fall for anyone at the drop of a hat; sharing his inner most secrets only to find they are gone in a flash.  He still hasn't worked out where his money is that he hides under the floor boards - that is never there when he returns......

He tries so hard to be gallant and although looks very much the part he always fails to perform or accomplish anything successfully.

Who cares we love him all the same.... we just wish we could find him Mr or Mrs Right....

Printed with weatherproof UV protected inks and applied to our premium quality 5mm Perspex.

A  perfect garden gift idea of Outdoor Wall Art.


  • MEDIUM - 600MMX730MM
  • LARGE - 700MMX1000MM

Artwork includes 4 architectural bolts to match the frame of your choice.

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NB sizes may vary slightly according to the artworks and its proportions. The longest edge will be the size to work from.
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