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We Love You NHS by Rachel List as seen at Brandler Galleries and now exhibiting at MOYSES HALL MUSEUM https://www.visit-burystedmunds.co.uk/whats-on/moments-exhibition-banksy-tracy-emin-damien-hirst-more

We Love You NHS Limited Edition of 25

800MM x 548MM X 5MM

We Love You NHS was Rachel Lists first mural of a paintbrush wielding nurse painting the NHS logo. The nurse, herself wearing a facemask, has added the ‘superman’ symbol instead of the ‘S’.

The owner of the wall on which it is painted had thought of having a banner. A special way of saying thank you to the NHS workers for fighting the virus. It was Rachel’s idea to have something a bit more permanent.

Rachels usual work was painting huge murals in childrens bedrooms but the coronavirus lockdown brought an abrupt end to her work as she was no longer allowed inside people's houses to paint.

This gave Rachel inspiration to use her skills to boost the morale of the town and thank the NHS staff for their incredible efforts.

Rachel List’s colourful murals have been appearing on walls in her home town of Pontefract. It’s not a place normally known for its street art but Rachel’s pieces have been capturing the imagination. Paying tribute to NHS and frontline health workers. They are portrayed in a heroic and colourful way.


"I used to deal primarily in paintings from the 1970s 80s 90s because I knew a lot of the Royal  Academicians and in 2003 I came across an artist called Banksy.
I liked his work and I started dealing in Street Art with Rachel‘s work it just hit me how wonderful it was how encapsulated everything that the nation is feeling about the NHS service and We are all trying to appreciate what the NHS and other important services are doing keeping people safe getting them better and stopping other people getting infected.
I chose We love you NHS  because it spoke to me I like art that makes me feel something, and this piece does.
Sadly for me I have a very low boredom threshold so I’m having to learn a new skill it’s called relaxing. 
The COVID-19 outbreak has meant that I have had to close my business entirely  partly due to age and partly due to other conditions and so my gallery is closed and although people want to buy at work they can’t .
So I have seen from clients that I talk to on the phone  / Zoom etc how this is affecting everybody’s family and I wanted to do something to contribute."


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