Launch of MurWalls & Yardart UK collaboration piece “Leopardise”

Launching March 2022
YardArt UK x MurWalls

Inspired by the graceful and powerful presence of the Snow Leopard, YardArt UK and MurWalls have joined forces to collaborate on a striking limited edition artwork - ‘Leopardise’.

Bringing a wow factor to gardens, the original design, taken from an exclusive giant street art installation by MurWalls, brings to life the beautiful but hauntingly menacing face of the leopard as is stares with cool blue eyes from the portrait.

The initial mural, measuring a stunning 3m by 7m, can be found at YardArt’s outdoor gallery overlooking the River Stort, watching with keen interest the passersby. The fine details of the magnificent face have then been captured and translated into YardArt UK’s unique limited edition waterproof series for the home and garden, with the leopard seemingly appear to ‘slash’ its way out of the confines of the print.

YardArt UK’s unique approach means that every element of the painting, including the ‘metal frame’,  is printed directly onto outdoor grade acrylic, to give a unique 3D effect, ensuring that it is waterproof, fade-proof and  durable.  The result allows the art to be displayed both outdoors and indoors.

‘Leopardise marks the launch of the MurWalls collection at YardArt UK which will see further street art by the company added to the range.  A limited edition of 58 pieces, Leopardise’snumber reflects the top speed which an African leopard canreach (58km/h) whilst spectacularly hunting.

Watch the original mural installation video here...

‘Leopardise’ - Limited edition of 58 pieces.  
Available from YardArt UK from March 2022.  
From £700 (1000mm x 510mm).  


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