YardArt's Vintage Collection features fun, quirky, and contemporary designs of "humanimals" in a Heritage vintage style. These imaginative characters, from Countess Catherine to Lord Hector and Lord Percy, are part of the ever-growing and charming heritage family.

      Each humanimal has a unique personality and backstory, weaving a tale of old money and new. Presented in innovative 3D frames, this collection brings these characters to life, enhancing your outdoor space with a captivating and awe inspiring centre piece in your garden.

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      Vintage Wall Art

      Are you looking for vintage prints with a unique edge? Welcome to YardArt's, where we combine the elegance of vintage aesthetics with the durability of modern materials to offer you unique wall art perfect for any outdoor setting. Explore our range of vintage wall art, each piece crafted to add a touch of timeless charm to your garden walls, patio, or terrace. Our outdoor wall art print range has been designed to withstand the elements, ensuring that your space remains vibrant and inspiring through every season.

      At YardArt, we have made it our mission to create unique wall art that is suitable for display in your garden or outdoor space. Our vintage wall art is really one of a kind and includes images that will suit any style or taste.

      Vintage Art Prints from YardArt

      Step into the past with YardArt's exquisite collection of vintage wall art, perfectly suited for enhancing outdoor spaces with a touch of timeless elegance. Our selection of handpicked, weather-resistant vintage pieces are designed to bring the charm and sophistication of times gone by to your garden or patio. Each piece is crafted to not only capture the essence of vintage art but also stand up to the UK's diverse weather conditions, ensuring your outdoor decor remains vibrant and inspiring season after season.

      We offer different collections of vintage art prints, so you are bound to find something suitable that matches your requirements. For more information on the vintage prints we offer, please get in touch with the YardArt team today.

      Transform Your Outdoor Areas with Classic Vintage Wall Art

      Improve your exterior spaces with YardArt's vintage wall art, where each piece tells a story of timelessness and allure. Our vintage collection features a variety of designs from floral to rustic, each treated to withstand the elements without sacrificing style. Ideal for those who value both aesthetics and durability, our wall art makes any outdoor setting a historical showcase, blending the charm of the past with the resilience of the present.

      As well as outdoor wall art, our pieces are suitable for indoors and will look great in frames, simply hang on your wall and let the art do all the talking!

      Style Your Garden with Vintage Wall Art

      Introducing vintage wall art from YardArt, a premium addition to our outdoor wall art collection. This collection combines the intricate details typical of vintage design with cutting-edge weatherproofing technologies, offering both beauty and longevity. Its construction ensures it remains a focal point in your garden or terrace through all seasons, providing the blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern durability that YardArt stands for.

      Vintage wall art is not just a decorative element; it's a statement of sophistication and a nod to the rich tapestries of history. We provide a range of unique ways to incorporate vintage pieces into your outdoor spaces, turning a simple garden wall into a canvas that reflects your personal taste and appreciation for timeless art. Learn how to select the right pieces and position them to create a captivating outdoor gallery with YardArt's durable, exquisite collection. For more information on YardArt's vintage wall art, contact our team today, you can also view our limited edition artwork gallery here.