Meet the Founders of UK Garden Art Company...YARDARTUK LTD!

Meet the Founders of YARDARTUK

Founded by Charlotte Clemence and Rebecca (Bex) Lund, YardArt UK is result of a shared interest in, and passion for, the arts.

Having met on the mad rush of the school run, Charlotte and Bex’s inspiration for the outdoor artwork they produce now, was first inspired by Bex’s interest in resin fluid art and the potential available to bring art to an external environment within a waterproof casing.

From initial concept to final pieces, YardArt UK’s production process has evolved to produce bespoke pieces of unique art, with designs that are completely waterproof, UV Resistant, windproof, fade proof and durable. The development of the printing method means that the frame, which creates the distinctive 3D illusion, is also incorporated as part of the print. The lightness of the art (measuring just 5mm thick) means that it can be mounted both indoors and outdoors - on walls, fences and brick.

YardArt UK, as a business, came together formally in 2020, during the pandemic, when people’s gardens became their sanctuary. We’ve all heard of the phrase bringing ‘the outside in’ but in Charlotte’s and Bex’s case ‘inside’ was really coming outdoors! With people wanting their patios and garden spaces to look as good as their living rooms – it was fantastic timing! The additional benefit of being a small company and making every panel bespoke to order in the UK, means that they have the perfect opportunity to create unique home and garden accessories within a short led time.

The duo love being able to show creative flair, as well as adaptability, to help both their stockists and customers directly. Charlotte’s own creative works are sold through the site, and the pairing are proud to have already collaborated on exclusive pieces such as; the René Gruau collection, collaborations with American artist Spencer Reinhard, and limited editions of Banksy’s artwork pieces - presented in association with Brandler Galleries at the ‘Moments’ exhibition at Moyse’s Hall Museum, Bury St. Edmunds.

The YardArt UK ‘creative family’ is always increasing, with new artists being brought on board to provide a dazzling choice of designs and styles, ranging from abstracts to illustrations, heritage animals to jungle oasis’s - there is a choice for everyone!

Having started out with the intention of art for outdoor spaces, the fact that the pieces are waterproof means that they can also be used inside where there is a high moisture content – bathrooms , kitchens, hotels, bars etc. The simple act of hosing them down, to keep them clean, opens up opportunities within the hospitality, private yacht and cruise ship sectors – areas which Charlotte and Bex are keen to explore as the business develops.

For more info follow YARDART on Instagram at yardart_uk

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