Outdoor Decor Ideas On Where To Hang Your Garden Wall Art

For many years, artwork has been a common sight inside properties and it is undeniably a brilliant way to add interest to a room. These days, it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to explore the option of using artwork for outdoor walls to give their outdoor space more style and personality. It really is surprising just how much of a difference one singular piece of art can make in this regard. 

Like the Banksy Art below of the Extra Large Limited Edition Seasons Greetings, finishes our clients outdoor space off perfectly.

When looking for outdoor decor ideas purchasing garden wall art is a great solution to brightening up your garden walls. Whilst homeowners find it easy to choose a piece that they love, many struggle to decide where to put it in their garden.

Due to the fact that this type of outdoor wall art is so versatile and it really can be placed anywhere, it is even more difficult to settle on one location for the piece that you purchase. In an attempt to help any homeowners who are interested in purchasing their first piece of garden wall art, below we have put together some useful information relating to where you should put the piece/s that you invest in.

Even though no two gardens are the same, it is quite common for homeowners to put their artwork in very similar places. Here are some ideas our clients have showcased their Yardart in their gardens...

As a backdrop to a seating area


Almost all gardens will have some form of seating area and often, wall art will be used to make this space more inviting. Hanging garden wall art behind a sofa in a chill out area or behind a dining set in an eating area is a great way to add personality to these frequently used spaces.


Amongst climbing plants


Lots of homeowners use climbing plants to break up the brick walls and wooden fences in their garden and wall art will be hung amongst trellises, raised flower beds or planters. YardArts fade resistant and waterproof outdoor wall art can work brilliantly alongside the greenery and flowers in any outdoors area.

The Banksy Art shown above is one of the galleries best selling limited edition pieces of "HeartBoy" , with only Edition 12 now left available out of 25.


On the side of a shed


When homeowners have a shed in their garden, this will usually be where they hang their piece/s of art. A shed can be very boring in appearance, even if it is painted a beautiful colour, and hanging garden wall art like Monsieur George on the side will instantly make it more interesting.


Hanging on a fence


The majority of gardens have six foot fences around their perimeter and homeowners will use wall art to spruce up these fences. Unlike when a fence is left bare, hanging garden wall art here can help to make it feel like part of the garden rather than just a border.

YardArts Signature 3D frames creates a superior realistic look of a real frame, just like the above artwork Evva which gives a WOW factor to your outdoor area.

Choosing the best location for your garden wall art


There are a few different things to think about when you’re choosing the right place for your garden artwork to ensure that it doesn’t get overlooked but that it also doesn’t overwhelm a space. To find the right balance and the best location for your waterproof outdoor wall art, its worth considering artificial wall plant to go with your art and completely transform your garden walls.

Art above is by director of YardArt Charlotte Clemence of her best selling piece "Rosa".


Where you spend most of your time


When you purchase a piece of garden wall art that you love, you want to ensure that you will actually see it when you’re using your garden, so think about where you spend most of your time outdoors. If you have a cooking and entertaining area that you use at the weekends or a reading area that you use most evenings, this will likely be a good place for your artwork

Below is one of YardArt clients who loves outdoor cooking placed his outdoor art right where he spends most of his time entertaining guests and cooking yummy meals in the garden. 

Artwork for outdoor walls is 


Which areas look the least appealing

Everyone has their favourite and least favourite parts of their garden and instead of adding some decor to your favourite areas, it might be beneficial to try and improve the areas that you don’t currently like. Garden wall art has the ability to enhance both the look and feel of a particular space, and you should consider which parts of your garden could do with some TLC.


How much wall or fence space you have

Depending on the size of the piece of art you’re interested in purchasing, you need to think practically about where it will be able to be hung. You may find that due to the layout of your garden, some parts of your wall or fence won’t be big enough and the wall art will look out of place on them. So, always think about proportions when choosing a location.


Whether there are areas lacking in colour


Should the piece of art that you’ve got your eye on be colourful, make sure that you’re using this splash of colour to your advantage. Take a look at your garden and think about which areas are lacking in colourful plants and flowers. Putting the garden wall art in a dull area can completely transform it and help to ensure that it is just as full of life as the rest of your outdoor space. Other outdoor decor ideas can finish the space with similar colours to the art, like outdoor cushions on your furniture.


Purchasing garden wall art

When you’re wanting to use wall art in your garden, it is fair to say that you will have plenty of options to choose from when deciding where to hang it. Hopefully, the inspiration above will have given you some good outdoor decor ideas on the  best locations for hanging your eye-catching pieces. So, you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect place to put your garden wall art.

If you’re looking for a company that specialises in pieces of art that are specifically designed for outdoor use, be sure to explore the YARDART shop. All of the pieces of art on our website are digitally printed with UV protected weatherproof colourfast inks and applied to a high quality outdoor grade Perspex. This means you can hang them in your garden without having to worry about whether they will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and they won’t fade over time. We have such a vast range of different pieces of garden wall art to choose from and no matter what you have in mind, you will be spoilt for choice when browsing our website.

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