Photo shoot of New Garden Wall Pictures & YARDART owners!

Well finally a lovely clear and sunny day where we captured the new stunning garden wall pictures around YARDARTs HQ pool gallery @ director home Charlotte Clemence!

Mark shooting The Runaway Collection by Rene Grua

Charlotte and I are super grateful to my lovely brother in law mark who just happens to be a professional photographer at a2zoom photography, for taking the time out to capture some awesome lifestyle shots of the new outdoor wall art!

Charlottes lovable Carlos always trying to steal the limelight 

Our PR lee @prickleconsultancy has some editorials in line for us to showcase our unique outdoor garden art so some professional shots were needed 👍

Me tightening the bolts on our most popular Heritage Collection

we managed to get some snaps ourselves of the day but will be showcasing marks photos of our stylish perspex artworks real soon!



Check out those pieces of art behind us, to the left Charlottes stunning Abstract Water Collection and to the right our super quirky and gorgeous Australian artist Jane Ruggerio 

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