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      Meet Our Bespoke Artist Ellie Payne

      Ellie has always been artistic from a child, through school and beyond but it was only ever a hobby; making Christmas cards instead of buying them, doodling in school books. At 16 she taught herself to paint nail art, learning how to paint with both hands, and developing her eye for detail. If she could fit it on a fingernail, she’d paint it; animals, geometric patterns, letters, everything. Pursuing engineering as a career, art is her way to let the creativity out, as well as the fun colours.

      When lockdown in 2020 hit and the furlough scheme saw Ellie at home for a few weeks, she picked up her paint brush to pass the time and paint a card for Mother’s Day; a little king fisher sitting on its perch. This developed into more animal paintings, experimenting with techniques and seeking out ways to create wildlife paintings in acrylic paint. Every piece is a journey, learning new skills and ways to portray each animal’s personality.

      Growing up in the countryside Ellie takes much of her inspiration from the animals around the UK, but also those further afield. Always intrigued by the quirky and not wanting to follow a crowd, Ellie’s paintings usually feature an animal slightly more unique than the stereotypical; a pheasant with odd, bright or albino coloured feathers, a dog that is drenched in mud or wearing a funky hat, or a cow pulling a silly face.

      If you are looking for something special Ellie is one of yardart's bespoke artists specialising in animal & pet portraits.