Jess Yelland


      Jess began her journey with Yard Art during lockdown, at 16 years old. At the time, art acted as a form of therapy, she found that instead of getting swallowed up by the isolation, she could channel her emotions onto a canvas. She is very open about struggling with her mental health and finds immense comfort that by creating something unexpected she can shift her mood and hopefully evoke the feelings of others as well. Now 4 years on, she has gained a lot more confidence in her capabilities, but admits she’s still a perfectionist, and refuses to let anyone watch her painting process.  

      Painting however is not her only medium and she prides herself on not having a distinct style, believing that art is all about self-expression and should not be limited to a certain tool or subject. Although nature has always been a great muse for her pieces, as she finds such beauty in the concept of a universe free from a human’s input, an undisturbed wilderness. 

       Being cabin crew since 2022, she has now encountered a new world, and plans to pursue art again, discovering the ways in which her experiences have changed the ways she applies a pencil to paper.  

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