Julie Woods lives and works from her studio in the village of Postwick, Norfolk.

      After many years as a watercolourist and miniaturist she was greatly attracted by the adventurous freedom and vitality of abstract. 

      Living for two years in South Africa and later extensive travel through North Africa and Mediterranean Countries opened her eyes to the visual impact of vibrant complementary colours and greatly influenced her work both technically and emotionally.

      Over many years she has developed her own techniques and variety of styles using complementary colour as pure abstract or as an emotional response. She explores texture and effects, using acrylics, glazes, stains, inks, pastels, impasto, collage and overlaid colour, blending and mixing media and studying simplicity of form.

      Lots of her contemporary work is highly textured and very tactile and often incorporates unlikely materials. She also often uses the abstract element of her work as a backdrop to some of her stylistic sea and landscapes.

      Past Private Commissions;  Paris, London, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Chester. USA: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, New Orleans, Ohio.

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