MurWalls & YARDART have joined forces to create their very first stunning piece of Outdoor Art for your garden and home. Combining MurWalls urban graffiti art style with YARDARTS unique 3D illusion frame printed onto outdoor grade material. Using state of the art print technology, this original limited edition piece of garden art is Waterproof, UV Resistant and Highly Durable.

      Both design teams have ensured every aspect of production has been carefully crafted to meet the high standards both MurWalls & YARDART strive for. Founder of MurWalls Marc commented... "MurWalls are passionate about street art and we have found another art team in YARDART that share our vision. YARDART gives a modern and contemporary twist to having cool art in your garden."


      About MurWalls

      MurWalls was founded during the Autumn of 2019 and has taken the world of Street Art by storm.  By bringing together unique relationships with key, globally recognised brands, and a team of passionate and talented artists, MurWalls has created a winning combination.

      About Leopardise

      ‘Leopardise marks the launch of the MurWalls collection at YardArt UK which will see further street art by the company added to the range.  A limited edition of 58 pieces, Leopardise’snumber reflects the top speed which an African leopard canreach (58km/h) whilst spectacularly hunting.

      The initial mural, measuring a stunning 3m by 7m, can be found at YardArts outdoor gallery overlooking the River Stort, Hertfordshire, watching with keen interest the passerby. he fine details of the magnificent face have then been captured and translated into YardArt UK’s unique limited edition waterproof series for the home and garden, with the leopard seemingly appear to ‘slash’ its way out of the confines of the print.

      Watch the original mural installation here...

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