MurWalls & YARDART have come together to create a street art masterpiece for your garden.

    Combining MURWALLS urban graffiti art style with YARDARTS unique 3D illusion frame printed onto high quality outdoor grade material. Using state of the art print technology, this original limited edition piece of garden art is Waterproof, UV Resistant and Highly Durable.


    Both design teams have ensured every aspect of production has been carefully crafted to meet the high standards of what both MurWalls & YARDART strive for.

     Leopard Eyes

     Leopard eyes was created on the side wall of YARDARTS showroom, measuring a striking size of 2meter high by 5meters long...



    About MurWalls

    MurWalls was founded during the Autumn of 2019 and has taken the world of Street Art by storm.  By bringing together unique relationships with key, globally recognised brands, and a team of passionate and talented artists, MurWalls has created a winning combination.

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