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      Meet Pia, better known as Burnt Peach. The name's a strange one, - let's just say she's a firm believer in factor 50 now! As a graphic artist, mother, and self-proclaimed type addict, Pia encountered frustration with the lack of affordable wal art that resonated with her style. Hence, Burnt Peach Design was born.

      Fueling Pia's creativity (and exhaustion) are her two boys, the muse behind the globally acclaimed Little Peach Portraits collections. What began as a personal project evolved into a sensation, gracing walls far and wide.

      From Pia's kitchen table to glossy magazine features, the journey unfolded. In her latest typographic collection, "My Type Of..." Pia delved back into her typography obsession, crafting bold statement prints, graphic tees, and cozy sweatshirts because, in her view, everything looks better with a splash of bold type. Each piece echoes a lifelong passion for turning words into art.

      Pia's friends and family playfully tease that if you drop a good quote in her presence, she's bound to transform it into something - guilty as charged!
      Everything at Burnt Peach is genuinely Pia's type of thing, and she hopes they become your type of thing too.