Luxury Wall Art

Are you trying to source premium quality, original art for your home and outdoor space? If the answer is yes, welcome to YARDART UK. We are proud to be the leading company for luxury wall art. We offer first-class acrylic wall art, which suits outdoor areas such as patios, terraces and balconies, just to name a few. With our art, we intend to complement modern exteriors whilst at the same time improve your garden’s natural environment of trees, plants and outdoor furniture. 

Behind us there is a highly talented group of artists and graphic designers, all with a wealth of experience creating unique art in a diverse range of themes, colours and printed frames. If you’d be interested in finding out more, feel free to visit our website to see some examples of our work.

A Short Introduction to YARDART UK

YARDART UK was founded by two friends who had lifelong passions for interiors, gardens and all types of art. The pair make a fabulous team, incorporating everything they know about art into the most special, creative, vibrant and fresh pieces of work out there. The unique concept of outdoor art for outdoor environments is a novel one developed by the duo and one they both feel very excited about looking ahead. 

We truly believe that real luxury wall art created by independent artists based in the UK is something special that everyone should be able to enjoy. So that’s why we continue to offer first-class exterior artwork that showcases artistic talent and ability. Not only this, but we guarantee artwork of an exceptional quality. Every design is digitally printed utilising UV protected weatherproof colour fast inks, and applied onto a quality outdoor-grade 5mm Acrylic using state of the art technology. Prints are waterproof, UV resistant, windproof, highly durable, easy to install and long lasting. 

Why Choose us for Luxury Wall Art?

Here at YARDART UK, we pride ourselves on our superb quality. All our luxury wall art is exceptionally created by talented artists. We have a wide range of collections available on themes such as Heritage, Love, Modern, Boho and Landscape. Our art has been extremely popular and well received by customers. We have numerous testimonials from satisfied customers on our website. We regularly offer special offers, free giveaways and fantastic deals that can see you get your hands on some beautiful art. In the UK, we provide free shipping on all orders, allowing you to save money on delivery costs. 

For all Enquiries Please Contact Us Today

If you are interested in our luxury wall art or if you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us today. You can email us by writing to, and one of our customer service team will be in touch shortly to help you. Alternatively, feel free to post us a message using the form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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