5 Tips For Choosing Art for your Garden


5 Tips For Choosing Art for your Garden

1. Our Top Tip! Go with your personal style and what you love, are you drawn to a particular colour palette, abstracts, typography? You will be enjoying this artwork for many years to come, so although current trends are good for inspiration don’t feel you need to ‘follow’ the crowd!  

2. Plan your idea for your outdoor space and the theme you are wanting to achieve first.

3. Know the exact spot of where you can see your art is going up, a certain fence, wall or feature in the garden area. Work out the ultimate size you can take your artwork up to.

4. Make sure the artwork you buy is durable – ours are made with outdoor grade acrylic, by printing directly onto it we ensure that it is waterproof and continues to remain fade proof.

5. Ask yourself is it easy to clean?  This is especially true if you live in an area where there is a lot of pollution, and grime can build up.  Because our artwork is waterproof a quick wipe down with water and a soft cloth will ensure that it stays brilliant after the winter weather.


Abstract art is bang on trend for this summer and the perfect solution for brightening up dull brick walls & fences. Check out YARDARTs newest abstract outdoor artwork....Melting Glacier.

We also provide street art pieces, boho wall art and MurWalls.


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